Workshop Program


Danette Allen (NASA Langley Autonomy Incubator)

Michael Furlong (NASA Ames)

Glen Henshaw (NRL Space Science Division)

Jonathan How (MIT)

Issa Nesnas (NASA JPL)

Julie Shah (MIT)

Accepted Papers

Application of ORB-SLAM to Spacecraft Non-Cooperative Rendezvous

Mehregan Dor and Panagiotis Tsiotras

Autonomous In-Space Manipulation and Assembly with Task Distribution, Parallel Manipulation, and Error Correction

Erik E. Komendera and Samantha Glassner

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Modeling Human-Robot Interaction to Inform Function Allocation in Manned Spaceflight Operations

Martijn IJtsma, Amy R. Pritchett, Lanssie M. Ma, and Karen M. Feigh

Terrain Aware Model Predictive Controller for Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Sina Aghli and Christoffer Heckman

Toward Kinodynamic Planning with Learned Motion Primitives for a Spherical Tensegrity Rover

David Surovik, Zakary Littlefield, Colin Rennie, and Kostas Bekris

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On the Development of an Online Assistant Selection Dataset for Planetary Exploration Systems

Steve McGuire, P. Michael Furlong, and Nisar Ahmed

Lessons Learned from the NASA Space Robotics Challenge: Perspectives from a Valkyrie Host Team

Velin Dimitrov, Murphy Wonsick, Xianchao Long, Maozhen Wang, Philip Long and Taskin Padir