Workshop Program


Danette Allen (NASA Langley Autonomy Incubator)

Marco Pavone (Stanford)

Michael Furlong (NASA Ames)

Glen Henshaw (NRL Space Science Division)

Reid Simmons (CMU)

Accepted Papers

Robot Navigation for Space Station Environments

Hooman Hedayati, Akriti Kapur, Bradley Hayes, and Daniel Szafir

Towards a Symbiotic Human and Multi-Robot Planetary Exploration System: Resilient Topologies for Space Exploration

Marcel Kaufmann, Jacopo Panerati and Giovanni Beltrame

TRAADRE: TRust in Autonomous ADvisors for Robotic Exploration

Steve McGuire, Michael Walker, Jamison McGinley, Nisar Ahmed, Daniel Szafir, and Torin Clark

Wheel-Based Trenching: Terramechanics of Nonprehensile Manipulation for Planetary Rovers

Catherine Pavlov and Aaron M. Johnson

A Collaborative Manipulation Strategy for the Assembly of Space Trusses

Iok Wong, William Chapin, Erik E. Komendera